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Before becoming a Registered Dietitian, Mandy Enright spent the first decade of her career working in major New York City advertising agencies. Her time as an advertising executive provided skills to build strategic and tactical plans for major corporations and manufacturers. Now Mandy is leveraging her skills to offer dietitian coaching. Mandy’s goal in offering dietitian coaching services is to help educate her colleagues in building successful brands, marketing strategies, and services to help stand out in the market.  Contact ME to get started. 

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BAR Method | Dietitian Coaching


Are you a Registered Dietitian who is looking to build their brand to stand out?
Do you currently have a brand but don’t feel you’re getting the results you deserve?
Are you looking to take your brand in another direction?

As a former advertising executive, my passion is to help teach my colleagues how they can brand themselves and their businesses for optimal success and to stand out among all the nutrition professionals (and wanna-be’s!). The BAR Method is a new signature eCourse designed to help dietitians learn skills in Branding, Advertising, and Relationships to build the business that attracts ideal clientele for successful businesses.
SIGN UP NOW to learn more about The BAR Method, a dietitian course exclusively for Registered Dietitians from Mandy Enright of Team with ME: Nutrition & Fitness Consulting LLC.


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Does the thought of accepting insurance cause fear and anxiety? Are you curious about accepting insurance but not sure where to start? On the fence about accepting insurance at all? Chat with Mandy Enright, who has served as a reimbursement representative for Nutrition Entrepreneurs DPG and attended training with the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics.

Choose from a 3-part coaching series or hone in on a specific area:

Part 1: The Credentialing Process

Part 2: Eligibility & Submitting Claims

Part 3: Getting Paid & Troubleshooting 


Curious how to offer your services to other healthcare professionals or businesses? Have you received a request to share yourself, your business, your services, or a new program, but not sure how to pitch yourself? Work with Mandy Enright to craft a pitch that not only makes you memorable, but gets you the business.


All businesses require a business plan. Having ideas in your head will not propel you forward in growing your business and reaching your goals. If you are looking for assistance writing your business plan and strategizing your business, work with Mandy for professional advice and input in developing your plan.

CONTACT ME for more information.

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